What is Fantasy Congress?

Fantasy Congress is a spoof of fantasy sports. In Fantasy Congress, teams draft real U.S. legislators who earn points for introducing bills, speaking on the chamber floor, and a variety of other legislative actions. The game was developed by independent developer Allison Seboldt as a fun way to connect with friends, keep up with U.S. politics, and educate people about government. Since it’s initial launch in 2018, thousands of players have taken their shot at becoming a Fantasy Congress champion.

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Meet the Founder

Allison is the creator and independent developer behind Fantasy Congress. A software engineer by trade, she built and runs Fantasy Congress entirely on her own.

The idea for Fantasy Congress came to me during my first season of fantasy football. While hanging out at a sports bar for a Thursday night game, me and a friend started discussing our love for fantasy sports. He said something to the effect of "I wish we could do this with more things!" and I thought to myself "Well, what other things do we enjoy?" After realizing our friend group was fairly political, I proposed "Fantasy Congress". My friend asked how that would work, and honestly, I wasn't sure. But after that night I couldn't stop thinking about it. I went on to win my league that season, and a few years later I launched Fantasy Congress for the 2018 midterm elections.

Prior to this season, I had never paid attention to sports. My hope is that Fantasy Congress will educate others about government the same way fantasy sports educated me about football. And in doing so, ignite a passion for politics that motivates people to stay informed and engaged.

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