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Choose real life members of congress for your team


Configure your team to get the most points each week


Get the most points during your season to win

All the excitement of fantasy sports, and more...

Move over fantasy football If you enjoyed crushing your friends and family at fantasy sports, just wait until you own them at politics too. Manage everything online through our seamless platform so you can focus on coming out on top. Never played fantasy sports? No worries. Fantasy Congress was created with newbies in mind.

More time for teacher Looking for engaging civics content to keep your class focused and motivated? We got your back. Nothing like a little friendly competition to bring out the best in your students. Setting up a league only takes a couple of minutes, but the educational impact will last a lifetime.

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Here's what real people are saying about Fantasy Congress:

Students are getting more into politics and political matters. This is the kind of thing a government teacher like myself loves to see. Plus, it's been fun and we've had a lot of laughs!
Honestly we have a blast playing. I used to never pay attention to the news, now I watch C-SPAN for fun.
My interns absolutely love Fantasy Congress. They’re constantly comparing points and even the staffers are getting into it.

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